List your Property

Rent-O-Lease is a single window service provider for rent /lease and management of various properties owned by individuals/public/corporate landlords.

We enlist prime properties across pin codes after proper due diligence, understanding of the property’s marketability, the need of the landlord.

We have our own digitized system to run the entire process with absolute accuracy and time bound-ness.

We provide free enlistment of residential and commercial properties free of cost.

Make your property stand out

We conduct proper due diligence of the property to prepare individual property profile.

Post profiling of the property we do a matching in our proposed tenant’s pool customizing the landlord’s need, property profile, tenant’s preference.

During profiling of the property we keep a note of the landlord’s financial expectation, desired tenant profile, required payment terms, supervision requirement (if any), maintenance monitoring and other terms and conditions thereof.

Why us

We are open to acquire any suitable at any point in time 24 X 7 i.e. a landlord can lease/let out his property at 2 AM in the morning also.

After handing over the property to us on lease/ rent basis the land lord is free from all hassels such as:

  1. Timely realization of rent
  2. Payment of utility bill in time
  3. Maintenance monitoring
  4. Tenant query / complaint resolution
  5. Property inspection
  6. Searching of replacement tenant in case of sudden vacation of the premises by the occupying tenant
  7. We provide Virtual Rent Insurance by guarantying the rent for the entire agreement period even if the premises is not occupied/used or the market rent fall
  8. Our specialized legal team screens individual tenant, landlord and property profile time to time to avoid any legal complication
  9. Our dedicated back office and customer support team work round the clock to provide alerts to tenants for payment of rent, utility bill etc.
  10. The same alerts are also provided to land lords on each transaction events